Contacting Your Elected Officials

May 27, 2019

Welcome to LTDO TV! This episode shows you how to contact an elected official to voice your opinion on an important issue like the Fair Tax. They need to know how you feel.  Your State Representative's phone numbers and emails are at the end of this. For the basic script of Contacting Your Elected Officials with the Shy guide's guidelines go to this link.

May 31 is the last day of this year’s legislative cycle in Springfield. Please call your State Representatives now and ask them to vote on a variety of pending bills that will be up for votes in a few days. Below are links for more information to a few of the hottest ones.  Here is a link to find out which district you are in and who represents you there.

Vote yes for HR 25 the Fair Tax.  Here is more information about a more equitable taxation plan. One page fact sheet:

Vote YES to HB 25 formerly HB 2495. This allows women in our state the fundamental reproductive and health rights that are being threatened nationally by the goal of overturning and gutting Roe vs Wade. Fact sheet for HB 25 is here.


Vote No for HR 522 the permanent Estate Tax repeal. It only taxes those with over 4 million and we need the money it brings into the state.

Vote Yes for HB0902 - for Cannabis Legalization Equity Act.  Here are the many  talking points -

State Representative's Contact Information in Lisle Township

Representative  Grant Wehrli (R) 41st District 

Assistant Republican Leader

Springfield Office: (217) 782-6507

FAX: (217) 782-7012 

District Office: (630) 696-4160


Representative  Amy Grant (R) 42nd District

Springfield Office: (217) 558-1037

District Office: (331) 218-4182


Representative  Terra Costa Howard (D) 48th District

Springfield Office: (217) 782-8037

District Office: (630) 812-9292


Representative  Anne Stava-Murray (D) 81st District

Springfield Office: (217) 782-6578 

District Office: (630) 605-0595


Representative  John Connor (D) 85th District

Springfield Office: (217) 782-4179

District Office: (815) 372-0085


Legislative Bill Trackers in Illinois to show you what is up and where they are at.


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